Writing Fluidly

Sharing Stories with Heart and Fluidity

The stories we share shape our how we perceive our lives. It’s a powerful component in our sense of direction and identity — but finding the words to capture our thoughts is not always easy.

I have been stuck and muddling through crafting the perfect story. The one that has all the right elements — flawless, beautiful and complete. It’s been a big challenge for me to step away from this measurement of perfected completion — although I’m sure I’m not the only one.

My friend Sienna said this to me the other day:

It’s better to have it done than good.

I know it’s true, but damn it’s hard to stop editing.

Here’s what I’ve gathered in the last few weeks on crafting words that flow, stories that are authentic and words that move on their own.

Cup of Coffee

When I write freely and allow myself to express my words like I’m talking to you – as if I’m sitting across from you at a cafe and sharing each stories eye to eye – my words flow out fluidly.
I’m present and true to being just me and that authenticity seeps through.

Something Crunchy

Permissions are in right now — I find the sharpness and crispness of biting into something light and fresh to be invigorating. It keep me on my toes and focused on the words at hand. This works well with celery, apples and anything with a crunch.

Inspiration Wells

This is not a new one, but seeking new inspiration has been on my mind a lot. I love the work Gary Vee (Youtube) who’s a badass shit talker to crank up any lack of motivation, and Casey Neistat for his creative genius in building stories and visual through film.

In fact I’ve been progressively amassing a stream of blogs, videos and podcast inspirations. In order to provide creative content, it’s good to be fueled by inspiration.

Watching these guys gets me pumped to share my discoveries with you.

Know Thy Self

I’ve compiled a lengthy ten page paper about my self in the last 10 days. My values, my passions, my personal traits and my voice around the idea of self-identity and personal branding. It’s given me a new depth to what I want to share. It’s given me the voice and reasoning to speak about the topics that are of value to me and will resonate with the undertow of this blog — which is about self exploration as as much as it is about discovering what’s out there out there.

Hold your Piss

This is a new for me. I have to sit down and write just before going to the bathroom. The biological clock is ticking and my mind and words are sharp. I have just created a self inflicted organic timer. It’s uncomfortable and just the right amount to keep me motivated to finish my work.

Draft in the Moment

When I sit down to draft I let it all out. I take my thoughts run free and the words pour out of me and it feels amazing. Whatever comes comes. Allow your thoughts to move in the moment. Share freely and speak freely. It’s a no caps no typos no grammar and syntax kinda thing — this is how you talk and this is what it sounds like in words. Editing can come later or it can live as it came.


Writing by touch I sit and close my eyes. Or I sit and stare off into the distance. I let my thoughts come out. I could even look myself in the mirror. What I share I’m sharing to a human being. It’s about connection and it’s about being honest. I stop thinking about how the words look and feel and I just let the language come out. It feels like a real conversation. In this state of writing I can feel my body — I can feel my breath and I’m aware that I am conveying words through my finger tips on a digital medium.

80% of our sensory is through our eyes — when we close them our inner voice shines through. Let is shine baby!

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