About Me

Nepal Waterfall

Hi I’m Zaq.

In January of 2016, I sold all my belongings the California and moved overseas. This is a documentation of my journey and growth as a traveling nomad and location independent entrepreneur.

What makes this blog different?

My focus is on immersive traveling experiences using the least amount of gear to work and travel. The ecosystem for many digital nomads currently involves cafes, cities and co-working spaces – I want to know what else is out there:

  • Is it possible to trek the Himalayas and run a business on mobile?
  • Can I live in a fishing village in Indonesia and learn to fish while working remote?
  • What is it like to volunteer in Iran and find a work-life balance as a teacher and a digital nomad?

Join me for my journey as I uncover these questions and dive into new adventures afar.

Warm Regards,