Organizing Remote Work in Istanbul

13 Essential Apps to Improve Workflow for Remote Worker

It’s amazing what we can do with a smartphone and a laptop these days — but what’s happening under the hood? What are the digital tools encapsulated in our tech devices?

I thought I’d cover some of my favorite digital resources here. The applications I’m drawn to are generally minimalistic and simple, but with intuitive features. These allow me to travel light and work remotely.


Staying organized is vital when you’re jumping between places. I like to keep a pen and paper close but for everything else I shifted to digital. Typing can sometimes feel more streamlined and the ability to drop and drag ideas can work just as well as sticky notes.

MINDNODE — Beautiful, clean and easy to use mind map. I use this frequently to unscramble my thoughts and map out trips and projects.

BEAR — A moleskin-like digital notebook that allows me to keep my to do list, blog writings and business ideas organized in one place. I like the clean, minimalistic feel and the tag and search option. Works seamlessly across laptop and mobile.

Organizing Notes with Bear App


POLYMAIL / INBOX — Minimalist approach to email with intuitive gestures, support for multiple emails for work and personal. Polymail paid option also includes a send later option so you can schedule your email to send at 8am PST when you are writing it 2am PST somewhere in Asia during the day.

GOOGLE VOICE — Free voicemail and number for any business. Allows you call any US number for free from anywhere in the world.


Making the jump into working remote meant sharing my internet connection with cafe, airports, hotels and a slew of new connections. This required adopting a safer and more efficient ways to keep my files secure.

LASTPASS — Fast and intuitive option to backup, generate and access secure passwords from mobile and laptop. Upgrade your passwords from “bicycle123456” to “vC3Le5R8%b923Pl1z023” — without having to remember all of them.

TUNNELBEAR — My favorite VPNs for mobile and laptop. VPNs create a private connection that allow you to view sensitive information on the go, more on VPNs here.

AUTHY — Multiplatform 2 factor authentication for any app or program out there. Great way to protect against identity theft for important data.


SPEEDTEST — Quick way to test the internet speed at any cafe or accommodation before committing to stay.

WORK HARD ANYWHERE — Allows you to find the best cafes to work from with internet, plugs, noise and coffee reviews.


SCHWAB — An debit card with no foreign ATM withdrawn fees. If an ATM charges you Schwab will automatically credit you the ATM fees.

CAPITAL ONE SPARK — Zero foreign transaction fees. The App for IOS is well designed and customer service via phone is very helpful.

TRAIL WALLET — Built and fine tuned by two digital nomads, this is an excellent option for budgeting expense related to travel and remote work.

XE CURRENCY — Allows you easily convert between 10 currencies with live market rates. Good to have when you need to swap some cash or figure out how much 1,000,000 IDR is USD?

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